Titanic’s 100th Anniversary

14 April 2012

Today, 14 April 2012 around 11:40 pm it would be 100 years ago that Titanic collided with an iceberg, and sank in the night of 15 April 1912.

During Titanic’s sinking, the Olympic picked up her distress signal. But Olympic was too far away from her sinking sister, and it would take twelve hours before Olympic would reach her sinking sister. Carpathia was closer to Titanic’s sinking.. but Carpathia would also reach Titanic four hours later. Slowly Titanic breaks into two pieces, while the last piece of the stern vanish for ever beneath the waves of the cold North-Atlantic ocean.


5 April 1912: Titanic dressed up for Good Friday

5 April 2012

Titanic dressed up for "Good Friday"

Today, hundred years ago, Titanic was dressed up for Good Friday in Southampton on 5 April 1912. But back in New York, Olympic was preparing to leave New York on 10 April 1912. The same day as Titanic.

This would be the first and last time that Titanic carried all flags of the world on the lines of the masts.

Olympic’s 100th Anniversary

1 April 2012

This is the model of Olympic I made, to re-create her sea trials in May 1911. Two days later, on 31 May 1911 she was handed over to the White  Star Line. On the same day when Titanic was launched in Belfast.

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Dennis Lamers

New forums

31 March 2012

I’ve just opened the new forums, using Simple Machines. You can sign up for free here.¬†We made this forum to bring all fans of Olympic together.

Other News
We’re looking for two Global Moderators who are older then 15 years, and can handle the moderator panel of the forum. Do you want become a Global Moderator? Please contact me, Dennis Lamers, at Peekarica@gmail.com.

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What will 2012 bring?

30 March 2012


Next year, it will be hundred years ago that the mighty and legendary Titanic vanished for ever in the ocean on a depth of two miles.

Replica Olympic in 2012
Many channels on television are planning to broadcast live the wreck of Titanic. They will also tell the story and secrets about the ship, on some channels. Will Olympic’s story also be told? Or the Olympic III story?

Latest news
At the moment, there hasn’t been any news about Olympic III. But I can recommend something: Tell your friends about Olympic III, let them sign the petition it’s free to sign.

There is also one thing I would like to tell. Rebuilding the Olympic shows how much respect we have for the workers who built the previous lovely liner Olympic.