Olympic III – Reconstruction in Torque [Day 2]

10 April 2012

Olympic III seen in Torque Constructor

The new Olympic III in Torque Constructor is nearly done. We’re planning to use this model for making commercials, and make them more realistic. The ship has a length of 290.5 meters, beam is 32 meters wide. But, you can’t really compare the size of Olympic III and Olympic II. They just look the same.

Today it is also the 100th Anniversary of Titanic, when she left Southampton. On the same time on 10 April 1912, the Olympic left New York for Southampton.


Olympic’s design will be rebuild in 3D

9 April 2012

Olympic in Torque Constructor

The new Olympic, that still has to come over a couple of years will be build in 3d.

More detailed views
The model will be based on Olympic’s III design, with GPS, satellite communications, navigation radar, weather radar, etc. Once the model is finished, hopefully for 14 April, we will release some shots of the new Olympic III.

Interior shots of Olympic III
For most of the people that really want to see some of the new interiors aboard Olympic, stay tuned. They will be made after the model of Olympic III is finished. You can see on the picture in the right the old Olympic how she looked like in her 1920’s style.

Olympic III information
Length: 290.5 m
Width: 34.2 m
Draught: 12.5 m
Tonnage: 80,000 GRT (not sure)
Capacity: 1,900 passengers
Speed: 23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph) (maximum)
Propulsion: Two 21.5 MW Rolls-Royce/Alstom “Mermaid” (not sure)

Kindest Regards,
Dennis Lamers 

Carnival Cruise Lines and Harland&Wolff

9 April 2012

Olympic in New York docks

Last year, we had contact with Harland&Wolff and Carnival Cruise Lines about rebuilding the Olympic.

Harland&Wolff’s response
Someone named David McVeigh replied to our mail and said to contact one of the largest cruise lines. He also told to keep going on with this idea, of rebuilding Olympic into a cruise ship. I’d believe that he understood, why Titanic and Britannic wont be rebuild anymore. They are doomed on the sea bottom, while Olympic doesn’t exits anymore.

Carnival Cruise Lines response
After we listened to David McVeigh, we contacted Carnival Cruise Lines. They were very interested to build a famous piece of history in a new glory. The design of Olympic III was very interesting for the people of Carnival Cruise Lines. They sent my mail straight ahead to another part of Carnival Cruise Lines, their last mail was that they would maybe design and order the ship with-in the future. Perhaps, 2013 or 2015.

That’s it for now people, keep visiting our website and sign the petition. It is never too late to rebuild the Old Reliable, Olympic. We’re very happy to say that our website has been visited this week for almost 200 times already.

Kindest regards,
Dennis Lamers