This is the team of Replica Olympic. We’re a young team of people who are interested in Olympic and White Star Line’s history. Got a qustion? Send an e-mail to Dennis Lamers.

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I am Dennis Lamers. I am the owner of Replica Olympic.Since I was a child I loved the steamships.They were the real ships compared to the present day. I choosed Olympic to be rebuild, because she deserved it to be saved in 1935.

She was the “Old Reliabe”, which took thousands of soldiers in safety.

Age 17
Country The Netherlands
Name Dennis Lamers
Rank Replica Olympic Owner

220px-Question_mark.svg.png (220×385) My name is Darron Poyndexter and Im currently helping Replica Olympic reach its goals a little further in taking the news to most major cruise line companies such as Cunard Line, STX Finland Oy, and Holland America.I’m also trying to help Dennis get ahold of Sarel Gous in ways to make this dream a reality with Harland and Wolff’s help. I personally have been interested in Titanic and her sisters since back when I first heard about it in 3rd grade in 91.

It is my personal interest and dream as well to bring back the Olympic Class and her sisters to the 21st Century.

Age 30
Country United States of America
Name Darron Poyndexter
Rank Promotion Manager

220px-Question_mark.svg.png (220×385) My name is Alexandre Deblois and have been a fan of the Olympic Class ships ever since seeing the movie Titanic (1997). I always have has a great passion for the great ocean liners of the world and my personal dream is to reconstruct the third member of the Olympic Class trio, the HMHS Britannic. When I met Dennis Lamers and his ambition to make a replica version of RMS Olympic, I was instantly interested.Over months of discussion and email conversations, we established a quick respect for one another’s plans to rebuild the historic ships, Olympic and Britannic. I personally hope that this dream of ours can be made a reality. Let the Titans rise again!
Age 19
Country Texas, USA
Name Alexandre Deblois
Rank Moderator Manager

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