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What makes people so involved to rebuild the Olympic with cruise ship material? Back in the ‘1930s, the Olympic was the most beautiful and lovely ship ever built in ship history. Unlike her sisters Britannic and Titanic, the Olympic had a very lucky career and she used it where she was built for. Sadly, in 1935 the Cunard White Star Line withdraw her from service. While the Olympic was very famous, Cunard White Star Line tried to find a new owner for her. But no one wanted her, the plan to put her up as a floating hotel failed.

Olympic over several Years
Over several years, when Olympic gets ordered by a cruise company. She would be finished quickly, and will set her voyage on the 14th June of a year in the future. She will sail from Southampton to the Athens first, from there she will sail to New York. Where millions of people are watching how the Olympic slowly moves into the docks of New York. After her maiden voyage, she will do world cruises around the world.

It’s for sure that the one who is going to build her will receive very much media attention from the whole world. Millions of people have their dream to sail or marry on a ship like Titanic, and Olympic is a chance to make their dream come true. On the bottom of this page you can find a video, where Olympic slowly departs from the New York harbor, where the crowd is screaming how beautiful she is.

Sea Trials
Once the Olympic is ready, she will keep her sea trials on the seas in the district of where she is build and launched. She will keep her original speed, 22 knots.

Olympic will offer the best luxurious place and adventure on the seas.

* Luxury pools
* Cinema (showing off Olympic’s history)
* Computer/Laptop lounge
* Turkish bath
* Cruise dining lounge
* Original Grand Staircase
* ..much more

Keel laying
If a cruise company will contact us about ordering the Olympic II vessel, she will be build where the owners ordered her. She would be build in less two years. The big Cunard Liner, Queen Elizabeth III was finished in less then two years and it is even twice the size of Olympic! This shows how quick the Olympic can be build and launched, and making her original voyage as she did on 14 June 1911 to New York.


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