Olympic’s design will be rebuild in 3D

9 April 2012

Olympic in Torque Constructor

The new Olympic, that still has to come over a couple of years will be build in 3d.

More detailed views
The model will be based on Olympic’s III design, with GPS, satellite communications, navigation radar, weather radar, etc. Once the model is finished, hopefully for 14 April, we will release some shots of the new Olympic III.

Interior shots of Olympic III
For most of the people that really want to see some of the new interiors aboard Olympic, stay tuned. They will be made after the model of Olympic III is finished. You can see on the picture in the right the old Olympic how she looked like in her 1920’s style.

Olympic III information
Length: 290.5 m
Width: 34.2 m
Draught: 12.5 m
Tonnage: 80,000 GRT (not sure)
Capacity: 1,900 passengers
Speed: 23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph) (maximum)
Propulsion: Two 21.5 MW Rolls-Royce/Alstom “Mermaid” (not sure)

Kindest Regards,
Dennis Lamers